Upstream Swimming

In the late 80’s (before having same-sex parents was considered “cool”), Dad and Pop decided they wanted to have a family. A few years and many unique attempts later - enter Lindsey: your typical 20-something year old girl, who just happens to have two gay dads. From justifying her singleness to her puzzled fathers, to addressing her anxieties, it’s clear she isn’t always as put-together as she looks. But is her “untraditional” upbringing to blame? Join Lindsey as she attempts to navigate the sometimes-choppy waters that surround her, clinging to her strong opinions and unconventional beliefs, barely managing to stay afloat. Upstream Swimming is a one-woman show about what growing up with 2 gay dads is really like. Written and performed by Lindsey Steinert, a seemingly "normal, "twenty-something year old girl, Upstrea m Swimming combines firsthand accounts with multimedia to present the first known play to confront same-sex parenting, that is both written and performed by a child of same-sex parents.

“Upstream Swimming is a wonderful and humorous account of what it’s like growing up with same-sex parents. Lindsey Steinert effortlessly weaves the anxieties and aspirations of a 20 something-year-old, with the still relatively uncommon experience of being raised by two dads. With the help of 13 characters, all played by Steinert, Upstream Swimming gives voice to the kids who are raised by same-sex parents and makes it abundantly clear that the dissimilarities of her upbringing, pale in comparison to the quirky and complicated family dynamics with which we all can relate.”

- Hudson Taylor, Founder and Executive Director, Athlete Ally

“We often get asked for suggestions on how to see/experience the ‘real’ NYC. One of the benefits of NYC is the great theater, film, comedy and music festivals that come here...bringing extremely talented people many of whom are undiscovered. Yesterday I attended a performance at the United Solo festival by a young woman who takes you on a journey of what it was like growing up with 2 dads...before it was trendy. I knew her story and it was still riveting theater! It is an amazing story performed by a very talented actress.”

- Tripadvisor

“Writer-performer Lindsey Steinert shares her experience of growing up with two dads decades before it was cool.”

- TimeOut New York CRITICS’ PICK

Lindsey Steinert

Lindsey is New York-based, Equity Membership Candidate with experience and training in theatre and film. In 2014 Lindsey created Upstream Swim ming, the first known theatre piece to be written and performed by an actual child of same-sex parents about growing up with same-sex parents. The show premiered off-Broadway at Theatre Row, and then continued downtown at the Kraine Theater. In Spring 2017, Upstream Swimming will take the stage at Under St. Marks for Horse Trade's Annual FRIGID Festival. In addition to her degree in Acting, Lindsey also holds a degree in Sociology/Anthropology. To learn more about Lindsey and her show, please visit and